Secure Your Google Account

Posted by on Oct 7, 2014 in Recent News

Hello all computer and smart phone users

I encourage everyone with a Google Account to change your password, make it a strong password, i.e. at least 10 characters, with at least one upper case letter not at the beginning of the password and at least one number and a special character. The password generators the hackers are using today are really good at guessing passwords, not to mention the fact that 5 million of our passwords are out there floating around. Yes someone released 5 Million Passwords including passwords for Gmail accounts.

I also encourage you to participate in two step authentication for your Google accounts. I set mine up yesterday and the only glitch was updating the password on my Android phone, which after researching the internet I was able to do. Basically two step authentication uses another form of verification when you log in to your Google Account on any computer or device that you haven’t logged into your account previous to setting up the two step verification. (sorry a little wordy)

I chose the text message option. When you log in the first time to your Google account (after you setup two step authentication) you will be prompted to check your phone for a text message with a verification code. Once entered and logged in successfully you will not have enter the second authentication under normal circumstances. Let me know if you have any questions about two step authentication.

You might think it is a hassle to setup two step authentication, however if a hacker obtains your Gmail password and peruses your emails for personal information they could access many of your accounts. In addition, the hackers love to use your email to send spam to all of your contacts.